August 13, 2016 @ 9:00 am
Royal Oak Archers
Ava McDowell

Registration begins at 9am

Shooting begins at 10am

Have fun with a new archery format.  Fourteen 60cm FITA targets set up on a Field and Hunter course.  Shoot 3 arrows at each target for a maximum score of 420.


Classifications are as follows:

  1. Style: Compound or Recurve
  2. Age: see USArchery age classifications for details
  3. Level:  Beginners shoot no further than 10 yards                                                                                                Intermediate archers shoot no further than 20 yards                                                                            Advanced/Competition archers shoot out to 50 yards.

The cost is $10 per archer, including lunch.

As this is an event where archers may not all finish the course at the same time, coaches will be contacted regarding awards if it becomes necessary.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Archers will need bug spray and, if needed, appropriate rainwear.  Anyone going on the course must have appropriate footwear.  Sandals are not allowed.